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Below you will find a number of Puritan and Reformed books, sermons and articles that we are offering as free digital downloads (Matthew 10:8). Please click on the title to initiate an immediate download to your computer.

Depending on what you are searching for, results can come in the hundreds to hundreds of thousands. In fact, you can accomplish thousands of hours of research in moments with the Puritan Hard Drive . This not only gets you to the precise truth you are seeking, but it also does it faster than ever before possible. What's more, most of this kind of research would be humanly impossible outside the Puritan Hard Drive , as the PHD can dig deeper and faster than thousands of people, and can complete these searches in a small amount of time. For instance, as noted on Still Waters Revival Books' Web page, a search for the word "prayer" brings up 97,170 search results in 1,378 documents . Being able to search so quickly and accurately, through many of the best Christian resources from throughout history, allows for the most extensive and deepest research ever available on any topic you want.

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L.S.G. - The Best Of L.S.G. (The Original Mixes)L.S.G. - The Best Of L.S.G. (The Original Mixes)