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Another camp will dislike it on first blush, but find themselves helplessly won over in the long run (stop by my tent and say hello, we can rock out to Hail Social, Stellastarr*, and Longwave in likeminded company). And diehard popists will wish Hail Social had gone even further in distilling every fuck-all trendy modern trope into one shining pop gloss. But everyone should agree that this debut is the model of efficiency: One singer, one guitar, bass, drums, and even these are deployed sparely. The bass favors rigid polygons, gliding on "Repetition", sparring with handclaps on "Get in the Car". The guitar metes out crisp, syncopated leads that waste no notes in outlining the melodies, and Hawk's voice soars effortlessly over the open spaces. RIYL singing along, amping up your toilette before a night out, fun.

Hail research at the National Severe Storms Laboratory. Hail can cause billions of dollars of damage to structures, crops and livestock. NSSL focuses research efforts ...

Hail Social - Hail SocialHail Social - Hail SocialHail Social - Hail SocialHail Social - Hail Social